"I just finished Dark Mountain and gave it a 5 star rating, only because 20 stars was not an option!"

Karen Kerns, Amazon Review

"The imagery Michael uses to describe the small town in Arkansas where he stops to buy camping gear and rations could be spot on for just about any tiny, one horse town anywhere in North America. The lone, solitary small town police officer that comes off as too big for his britches is one of my favourite characters in the book."

Goodreads Review

"Outstanding! A novel filled with secrets, it pulls you in and you are there in Columbia experiencing what they are experiencing."

Sheryl, Goodreads Review

"It was a slow build to get you familiar with all of the characters. By the half way point it turns into a downwards flow that captures you to the very end!"

Blakey, Amazon Review

"Manic Monday is a great spy story filled with great characters, exciting action, and skillful plot twists that make it almost impossible to put down."

Lisa King, Amazon Review

"Manic Monday has everything a thriller fan needs: lots of action, good intrigue, snappy dialogue and a neck-breaking pace."

Booklover, Amazon Review