The Jake Monday Series is a set of 7 serialized novellas in the vein of James Bond and Jason Bourne. The world is at stake and Jake is in the middle of it all! If you enjoy spies, assassins, drama, and political intrigue with a bit of science fiction mixed in, you will LOVE The Jake Monday Series. Pick up the first installment for FREE and try it out.


Plus, if you prefer longer works (and want to save money), Monday Collection Volume 1 and Volume 2 will contain the entire series in two full-length novels.

The Legacy of Blood Trilogy  is a set of 3 stand-alone full-length novels with a common setting and characters. It is set in our world, but explores the dark underbelly of humanity.


In Dark Mountain, Robert's debut novel, Jacob Barclay discovers a cabin deep in the Arkansas woods that leads him to some frightening realizations about the mountain folk that live there.


Lonely Creatures and Molly Moonlight will continue the story of Luke and Molly after the events of Dark Mountain revealing more secrets, new revelations, and delving deeper into humanity's depravity.




Jake Monday Chronicles #6

With his family and career at risk, Jake Monday careens blindly toward unknown dangers that threaten to devastate America and tip the scales of power across the globe. On the run from a government that suspects him for treason, he and Hallie fight for their family and their country.


The odds are stacked against them as an unseen player begins to exert its influence. Armed with faith in each other and a vague idea that their lives are not the only ones in the balance, Jake and Hallie resolve to end the threats.


What they do not know is that an ancient power is rising again, spreading its influence across the world and leaving chaos in its wake. More is at stake than they can ever imagine, and the price to put a stop to it all may be more than they are willing to pay.